Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Motorcycle Lullaby

Anyone who's paced around a nursery for nights on end will understand how poems like these are written. It seems like such a long time ago but I also feel like I'm still catching up on my sleep.

Enjoy the ride!

Hush little baby don't say a word,
Dady's going to buy you a Thunderbird.
And if that Thunderbird don't start,
it only takes an hour to tear apart.
And if we lose a piece or two,
we'll strip it down and paint it blue.
We'll paint it blue out in the shack,
then we'll paint the chrome parts black.
If the bike still doesn't start,
we're going to take the carb apart.
We'll clean it up and put in bigger jets,
and make sure that the idle's set.
Then it will be faster than a BSA,
and you can be a hero for a day.

-Ride North


  1. This was good, sang it over Christmas and then left abruptly when I heard Santa on the roof.

  2. Thanks! I feel like I had other 3am masterpieces but they've been lost to the Blur.