Friday, November 21, 2014

Required reading - Jill Outside: Iditarod again

Several years ago I started reading a blog by Jill Homer about life in Alaska and endurance racing. It was the first blog I read religiously and it opened my eyes to this crazy literary format. Her writing is as captivating as the context in which it is set.

Jill is taking on the Iditarod Invitational, a race accross Alaska in winter; this time she's on foot. So, set aside some time to read Iditarod again, part seven.

"Everything — duffle, shoes, sleeping bag, sled, harness and feedbag, everything — was either damp or soaked and smeared with mud." (Jill Homer, 2014)

"I felt strongly I should go back, but my phobia wouldn’t let me take a single step back onto the river. When I looked down I could see ankle-deep water flowing over impossibly black ice, cracked like an ancient mirror." (Jill Homer, 2014)

Photo by Beat Jegerlehner (Jill Homer, 2014)
Jill Homer. (2014, November 16). Iditarod again, part seven. Jill Outside.
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