Thursday, September 23, 2021

Commuting 2021!

 I really missed commuting into work this last year; the lack of seat time had a noticeable effect on my motorcycle skills. Thankfully, our office opened back up in July. Motorcycle parking there is free and I'm cheap, so I've been commuting on the Guzzi rain or shine. 

All alone at a mostly empty office.

A quick stop on my way home to admire the wildfire smoke.

I upgraded the soft bags to waterproof, lockable Givi bags.

The bags required the removal of the grab rail, so
I home brewed up some washers to retain the shocks until
I could order the stock parts from Leo's South.

It feels good to be on the bike again.

The V7 has been a wonderfull commuter and all around work truck.

- Ride North

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Osceola Landing

It's been a while since I posted anything here, a lot has been happening this summer and I should have a pile of post facto posts for the cold months ahead. Here's a gem from a beautiful June evening.

I was in the mood for some new roads and a little winding and unwinding after work, so I set my sights on Hudson Wisconsin, highway 35, and Taylors Falls, or maybe Osceola. I planned to cruise by my old place of employment in North Hudson, but Wisconsin DOT had other plans. Most of St. Croix County's roads were under construction, being resurfaced with the dreaded tar and pea gravel method. Also, the bridge to North Hudson was out. 

The pea gravel didn't prevent me from finding new roads. The crossing of the Apple River at county road I was particularly enjoyable. The other deviation from normal was taking 50th street north, where county road I turns back to highway 35.

I'm far more likely to cross the Saint Croix River at highway 8 in Taylors Falls than in Osceola and had never stopped at Osceola Landing. It's a beautiful little park on the west bank of the river, it would be fun to come back with a fishing pole. 

Parked at Osceola Landing.

Looking north to the bridge.

And south.

Fishing and family activities were happening.

This is mostly accurate; I did take I 
out of Summerset rather than 35.

The Osceola Picnic Bluff looks promising.

The ride south down 95 was pleasent. Our fuzzy brown forest friends kept clear of the road and the views, as always, were lovley.

- Ride North

June 22nd | warm and sunny | 3 hours | road construction