Thursday, December 22, 2016

A year in pictures, 2016

Most of my riding this year was in and around the city I call home. Many early morning commutes that took me through Lillydale Park, down River Road, and up n' around Mounds Park. I did get out of town to visit Reno, Yucatan,  Mount Zion, Ontario, Portland, Lansing, and El Paso; all without leaving Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa! (I sometimes pick routes based on "city" names, anyone want to go to Avalanche? They have a great camp ground!)

I did more motorcycle surgery that I care for but I don't mind the work. I learned how to rebuild a clutch/ brake master cylinder and the Triumph forks came apart again! I hit a woodchuck. He didn't make it but I did, less two functioning fork seals. And there was an oil leak (Triumph). The 38 year old Yamaha ran like a top, only requiring fresh oil and a clutch adjustment. 

First ride! (to work and back)

Barge maintenance on the Mississippi River just after ice out.

Spring sunshine.

Lake Pepin bluffs on a hazy day.

Trout stream and budding willow.

Into the morning mist.

Somewhere in Iowa.

An abandoned church in south eastern Minnesota.

Bob Ross clouds.

My happy place.

The Kinni.

The XS did a lot of commuting this year, 
it would be a shame to leave it out.

Indian mounds.

Lets call this one "coffee and contentment."

Sky lark.

Olde Saint Paul as seen from Dayton's Bluff.

Another sunset on the duck pond.

The hunters.

The camera man.

Canon River in November. (one last adventure)

Another year in the books. 

Some of my best motorcycle memories are those days where I was set free for the day with no destination or obligations. Mrs. North and I call that "freedom of movement" and it’s a gift we try to give each other from time to time.  

The bikes are now sleeping safe on their chargers, visions of maintenance work dance in their heads. 

Happy holidays to you and yours from me and mines!

May your workshops be merry and bright,

- Ride North