Thursday, February 28, 2019

March Eve

On this, the last day of the snowiest February on record, I find myself reminiscing about simple sunny days. Lazy rides and open visors fill my mind. How I miss the smell of humidity and motor oil.

Goodbye February.

- Ride North

P.S. We still know how to have fun!

Monday, February 18, 2019

IMS 2019

Just wanted to share some retro fun from the 2019 International Motorcycle Show. Despite missing some key players in the retro game (Triumph, Ducati, and Moto Guzzi) there was still plenty of style on display.

Indian continues to invest in it's primo display budget, as you would hope from the emerging brand. From the wood floors to the wall hangings, it looked more like their dealerships than a trade show display. The new suite of flat track inspired bikes and their accessory catalog, which is huge, drew the biggest crowd.

Kawasaki wins the prize for the best display that was not Indian.

Some bikes I'm just drawn too, Freud be dammed.

Go Moto was there again with the new Enfield 650 twins in tow. You'll probably never see these bike on their showroom floor, they will all sell out before the containers arrive from India. Lissa is taking orders so bring your lunch money down to the shop and get in line!

Suzuki is getting into the retro game too, just a different decade! I'd love to see more Hans Muth styling in the transformers/ mantis game that's plagued bikes of late.

Missing from this retro line up are all the amazing new Triumphs. From the speed twin to the the new scrambler, they have an amazing lineup of machines for the codger in all of us.

Another cheap fun bike on my radar is the Genuine G5400c. (Available at Scooterville)

I read story after story about slumping sales and rideship but I think bikes like the FZ09 have cracked open the cheap-fun game. And there's no putting that genie back in it's bottle.  Despite the hype, or lack there of, the manufactures are coming out with a huge variety of machines for all tastes and budgets. And I hope for our sake and theirs they sell like hotcakes!

 - Ride North