Monday, March 16, 2020

Social distancing on two wheels

Those of us still blogging in 2020 appreciate the extended introspective opportunity that is Social Distancing. In an effort to bring balance to the force, I set out with my camera and my bike to see what I could see.


Two mighty oaks
grasp many tons of glacial drift 
suspended 700 feet above the Mississippi River.

Clouds and ice.

The ice is still thick on this oxbow. 
Folks were out there hunting pike.

Two wheeler du jour.

Ancient brick ovens that built St Paul.

A symbiotic relationship.

e-bikes and oil cars.
This guy commutes year-round on his e-bike.
I've done 0 degrees, it would be better with electric assist.

Eagle nest in Crosby Park.

The king of the floodplain.
It's the redwood of the river bottoms. 
bike for reference

Stay safe out there, take things as they come, and look for the opportunities when they present themselves. For now, I have orders to work from home, the kid is out of school until further notice, and all the bars and restaurants are closed. Good thing I'm a home-brewing biker. Now, if I could just make my own TP.

- Ride North