Thursday, July 18, 2019

When are you going to work on that thing?

Jr. North asks, "Dad, when are you going to work on that thing?"

Now I guess.

You gotta make hay while the sun shines. I picked up a box full of parts for next to nothing on Facebook Marketplace, a first for me. There's enough in there for two unbroken sets of XL250/ 350 plastics. One is original condition the other will become rattle can black.


The hooker header got a fresh coat of high-temp.

Fresh rubber.

* cleaned and lube the chain
* freed up the stuck clutch
* rebuilt the carb

To do:
* Refresh the forks.
* Adjust everything.
* add fuel and start kicking.
* Paint a set of plastics and the tank (dented and sealed up long ago.)
* install new races and bearings in the steering head
* maybe install an ignition. 
* maybe get one of those little stickers with a '20' on it

Not bad for 47.

What could go wrong?

- Ride North

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Visiting trout streams

I managed a post-4th of July ride over to Wisconsin's open ridge lines and cool valleys. It's been a long time since I last took the XS500 out past the city limits and up into the hills. My goal was to ride O down the Trimbelle River valley and see where the road took me. I took the bends at a leisurely pace, slowing down for blind corners and homesteads. 

Inspired by the Trimbelle, I decided to check in on the Rush. I haven't fished these trout streams in years but I still remember the spots. My first stop was at one of the good river bends about half way between the confluence with the Mississippi and highway 10. The river was in really good shape, slightly off colored and clearing up. This is the best time to fish because the trout can't see you as well, a real issue. Also, they need to be bold if they want to eat, advantage to the angler. I wish I had brought some fishing gear with me! 


Yes, they were delicious.

I wandered back west along 370th avenue, cutting a line up and down the ridge tops. This took me back into the Trimbelle River watershed via the Little Trimbelle River and a few tame gravel sections.

The Little Trimbelle River is cold and refreshing no matter the weather. 

I crossed a few of these bridges, one was recently inundated. 
You could say it was a "water crossing" if only just.

I'm not sure why I went back through Red Wing, guess I just wanted to cross the Mississippi and see Barn Bluff. I stopped in at the Harbor Bar & Restaurant, located in the backwaters with views of old Red Wing, but I didn't stay. The skies were getting dark to the north and I was feeling the need to race the rain home. 

The only other thing of note is that I hit the reserve for the first time ever on the Yamaha. Not one but two petcocks need to be flipped forward, a move I pulled off while pulling off into a convenient turn out. Shortly afterwards the rain found me, a warm summer rain. 

- Ride North

July 5th | 150 mi. | 3.5 hours