Thursday, December 20, 2018

Out on two wheels

I've been out on two wheels enjoying the winter weather. Commuting, as usual. I picked up some fenders and put them to work the past couple weeks. They are amazing, it's been sloppy, snow-covered-street riding for the first half of December but the temps were perfect (10-28F). With the fenders I was able to ride to work in my shoes with just some over pants, light coat, bacalava, and heavy gloves. And helmet of course. I'll have to put together a write up on winter biking soon. So far, it's the only time of year that I bike to work. because, you know, I have a motorcycle.

I made the trek to DePere for the family Christmas party this year. It was great to see all the Steinhofers, my how the kids have grown! (I didn't say that out loud, at least not to the pre-teens and teenagers.)

Some road worthy reporting: there was hoar frost covering all the land form St Paul to Wausau, even my six year old thought it was a beautiful winter wonderland. I love getting out and seeing the world with nothing more to do than drive.

We did some exploring on the way back, stopped just south of Wausau to do some hiking at Big Eau Pleine county park. It sits on a peninsula that sticks out into an impoundement on the Wisconsin River. (It's actually the Bige Eau Pleine River and the dam is at the confluence.) Google Maps had us driving down all kinds of questionable roads as we worked our way up from highway 10. (We stayed the night in Neenah, of man-hole cover fame, which is why were on 10 and not 29. Thanks Jane and Todd!) One of the roads, County O, cut straight across the Big Eau Pleine reservoir. It was a cool little detour.

Big Eau Pleine Co. Park has hiking, horse back riding trails, mountain biking trails (important to our family), and camping. This was mostly a scouting trip for next summer. :)

It's been a good December, busy but in a good way.

- Ride North