Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Getting Out There 2

Getting "out there" has been important to maintaining my mental health these days. Because I have nowhere to go, the motorcycles have been spending a lot of time on the sidelines but, not all of it. 

Dakota County 3 has finally been resurfaced from Inver Grove Heights to Rosemount. It's a swoopy road heading south out of the St Paul area and I've been using it as an escape route. My destinations have primarily been Murphy-Hanerhan in Prior lake and Whitetail Woods in Rosemount. 

A May 3rd trip to Murphy Lake.

Some of the first green starting to pop up. 
Within a week all the leaves would be back.

Murph is a non-motorized lake. Perfect for a kayak or canoe.

The pedal bikes have been seeing far more use than previous springs as I'm very fortunate to have a biking family, all working from home. We've been exploring the Mississippi River bottoms on our lunch brakes and after work. I think we all love and appreciate cruising through the woods and taking in the sights and sounds. 

Spring springing.

Exploring the river valley's streams.

A small waterfall along the Brickyard Trails.

The beaver have moved into Pike Lake in St Paul.

A happy little biker.

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