Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Getting Out There

Spring is cooking in Minnesota. These images are from our favorite park, Salem Hills in Inver Grove Heights. They were taken in  mid April, tossed into this post and mostly forgotten about. 

The RideNorth family has been doing a lot of "taking the good with the bad." Many a recess, lunch hour, and weekend have been spent on the bikes exploring paved trails along the Mississippi and mountain bike trails through the woods. 

The Japanese have the concept of shinrin-yoku or forest-bath. It's about simply being in nature and taking its sights and sounds. It's restorative and we've been putting this idea into action. Watching spring emerge and the associated exercise have been our primary allies in the fight for our sanity. 

Of course it is now May 20th and we could touch 80 degrees for the first time all year. Summer is right around the corner and "Getting out there 2" will be overdue in a matter of hours.

- Ride North