Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Tour de Wisconsin

Stretching the legs on the Guzzi. Both my grandma and her sister turned 80 this weekend and a family reunion was planned at my folks house in Hartford WI for noon on Sunday. It would have been too much running around for my family to attend but I wanted to go. So I did, and Mrs. North was willing to hold down the home front while I was gone. Which was nice.

I was on the fence about taking the bike. I'd be back late on Sunday and the weather called for light rain and 60 degrees both days. But I did it. I'd say it was good but not fun. Half of my riding was at dusk or dark and on the interstate. It was a learning experience so in that sense it was great. The one thing I would have changed is to add a stop between Osseo and St Paul on the way home. I know I was tired and the difference between 9:15PM and 9:30PM is just not that important.

I-94 to 10 to 41 on the way there, 33 to I-94 on the way back. Both routs took exactly 6h. 15m. including stops. Although Google maps lists them as 5h10m and 4h50m. I think my new cut off for this trip is time. If I have the time to take 61 - 108 - 33 (mostly all 2 lane 55 and 65 mph) at least once then I'm in. If I need to tear down I-94 at 75mph in the dark for more than a few hours, then I'll take the car. 
A stop in Plover, WI. for lunch and a walk. (Stevens Point)

Hot roast beef sandwiches and fluff!

a mint Olds Super 88 complete with clear plastic davenport covers

The canal in Portage WI 
connecting the Wisconsin River (Mississippi) 
to the Fox River (Green Bay)

Another Portage picture.

Saturday night I went out for prime rib and drinks with my dad and brother at a little supper club/ restaurant by Pike Lake. (and the Brewers hit a walk off run to beat the Cubs!) And that right there was worth the trip.

The reunion and birthday party on Sunday was fantastic! I got to catch up with my cousins and second cousins, some of whom I haven't seen in 20 years. I played with their kids and met some of my dad's extended family who I've only heard about (many many times over the years!), all share a classic Wisconsin sense of humor. (i.e. a license plate that says. "HERE I AM") Good times!

- Ride North

9/7 - 9/8/2019 | 621 miles | 12 h. 30m. | 60 F | cloudy and some light rain