Thursday, June 22, 2017

Motorcycle immersion

AMCA/VJMC Motorcycle Show 2017!

Daytona Special 
Ready to tear up the high banks of said Florida landmark.

TURBO! (more cow bell!)

Ninja, GPZ, Ninja, GPZ TURBO! 
I had a chance to talk to the owner of several of these machines,
Turns out he's the MN pres of the VJMC. 
Good guy, shares my appreciation for the Seca 550.

Pictures do not do this paint justice. 
What's orange in photographs is golden honey medal flake in real life.
You just need to see it.

Black and gold CB400 is just so right.

Original sand cast. $$$$


One of my favorites.

She's a beaut Earl.

Let the good times roll!

Lots to see in the parking lot too!
I saw a particularly nice baby blue XS650 but I failed to track down its owner.

Last weekend was a total motorcycle immersion for yours truly. The XS had its valves and points set, oil changed, and received a through degreasing. Miles were accumulated. Lots to say but not much time to say it in, the Ride North crew is heading north!

- Ride North

Thursday, June 15, 2017


I took off tomorrow and plan on doing nothing but working on, riding, and looking at motorcycles. My inner child looks like this as I count the hours until I clock out.

"I'm Joe Cool Snoopy." - Jr. North
- Ride North

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Good night Saint Paul

I got out for an old school summer evening bike ride last night. Flip-flops and a helmet, for safety. A casual cruise through the park.

Cottonwoods: kings of the river bottoms


I raced the Itasca downstream for a while. 

It's easy to overtake when your opponent is pushing a barge!

The final leg of the journey is to drag myself back up the Mississippi River valley wall, but the view makes it all worth it. 

- Ride North