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XS 500: the oil filter problem


The Tru-Vantage adapter looks like an excellent option (and more importantly available) There's a YouTube demo and it's available through eBay. It sounds like both Brad's oil filter fix (TM) and the Tru-Vantage adapter started life in the same way. "So. An XS500 forum member walks into a machine shop...)

Good people are priceless.

Find Uncle Fuzz on the YouTube.

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The most common complaint you'll hear about the TX and XS 500s is that the oil filters are out of production. To be clear, no manufacture makes an OEM replacement filter for these bikes. There are no workarounds for this. ( OEM filters can still be found on occasion ) Yamaha did however make a replacement oil filter adapter that will accept a modern filter. Unfortunately, this too is out of production. ( There is a guy who re-manufactured the Yamaha replacement part. )

For me, the answer to this problem was the XS500 Facebook group and eBay. I saw a post on "The Facebook" about a buy-it-now sale that listed a handful of OEM oil filter adapter kits. Within minutes I had the credit card out and was clicking buy baby buy! I can't preach it enough, if you have one of these bikes, get involved with the forum and the Facebook group.

The people:

My new chain and sprockets installed. 

The parts:

the kit:     99999-02689-00
adapter:   371-13447-09
plate:       90201-422F3
gasket:     371-13449-11
o-ring:     93210-45578
oil filter:  Fram PH6607 (Yamaha 3FV-13440-00 will not fit)
drain plug gasket/ crush washer: 256-15353-00-00

Also, how to order Brad's FilterFix, a.k.a. the most read post on the forum.

The install:

The Yamaha adapter kit comes with the new oil filter adapter, a gasket, an o-ring and plate for accepting the oil filter's larger seal, and an oil filter. 

Drain the oil. 
You'll need to remove the left foot peg, shift lever, clutch adjustment cap, and sprocket cover to gain access to the oil filter. At this point, most TX/XS 500 owners will recommend that you pop open the engine case cover and adjust the tension your balance shaft chain. My 78' has an inspection cover that gives me access to the concentric adjuster.

After 37 years of oil changes, the crush washer/ gasket on my drain plug was beyond gone. A replacement was ordered through my local Yamaha dealer.

An important note on the oil filter supplied with Yamaha's kit: it is taller than the stock filter and will not fit under the engine case cover. Yep. There is a workaround for this. Fram part PH6607 It's cheap and fits wonderfully. 

Original in the left, replacement on the right.

The replacement requires a larger diameter plate that floats free, sealed on the back side with an o-ring set in a grove machined into the face of the adapter. This seemed like it would be annoying at best during oil changes so I attached it using high temp silicone applied to the adapter, being careful to keep the goo outside of the o-ring. This turned out to be a fail because the plate interferes with the machine screws that hold the adapter in. In the end, installing the filter while the plate floats free isn't too bad.

The Fram PH6607 filter installed using Yamaha's revised adapter.

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