Friday, February 24, 2017

BBBC Feb 17th - Simple pleasure

Friday, February 17th:

Emerging from the office, the smell of warm air fills my face; it's 50 degrees out.

February has been dry, the streets are clean, and the sun is shining. I fully intended to go for a walk over lunch but instead I walked straight to my car and took off. I needed to get some work done that afternoon but I had an hour or so to myself.

Back in my garage, I put the battery in the Triumph, aired up the tires, gave it a quick walk around, and hit the go button. It fired up without delay, charger to charging down the road in under ten minutes. This is the first time I have ever ridden in February. Saint Paul is typically 20 to -15 degrees Fahrenheit this time of year. How or why this miraculous weather occurred doesn't concern me at the moment.

It was a simple pleasure to be out again.

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  1. A winter ride when you don't expect one is truly a gift! :-)

  2. Warm February days are less rare here in Virginia, but just as welcome. I'm glad you got out to enjoy it.

  3. Me too! It inspired me to spend a day in the garage getting ready for spring. Every spring I get out on the bike and remember how much I love this! The hart wants what it can't have; I wouldn't make it very long in LA where it never snows two feet in April or hits 100% humidity in August.