Thursday, February 23, 2017

BBBC Feb 22nd - Grey days

The grey days of winter abound with missed opportunities. Heavy doors shut out the wonders of a frozen world, secrets that no one cares to hear. Thawing eyelashes are treated to deep blue grey color fields occasionally organizing themselves into familiar shapes but sometimes not.


This post is part of the Brave Bold Blogger Challenge put on by The goal is to write everyday during the month of February

- Ride North


  1. Great pics. Not particularly cheerful, but cool nonetheless. I especially like the fifth one. Is that water weathered roads?

  2. Thank you. We had some great fog with our warm weather but I didn't get any pictures, now I'm kicking myself. The moonscape picture is an old sandstone cliff face. I love ambiguous images, it's cool that you saw as roads (you must ride more adventurous roads than me!).

    1. That was supposed to say rocks. I suck at typing on a phone.

    2. Your phone knows what's best for you. :)

  3. Very nice pics, I love foggy images!