Monday, February 6, 2017

BBBC, Feb 4th - mileage goals and whatnot

My mileage goals are never anything specific. I want to ride frequently enough to keep my skills sharp and work in a trip with my dad. Most of my riding is done to and from work. I'll get an evening blast in once and a while, sometimes it's a morning ride. I would love to wander far and wide but I can't just throw my wife and child on the back and take off to remote locations across the globe. It's just not where I am in my life and that's okay. While I'm always eyeing up this trip or that, I know I'm needed at home.

Mrs. North and I taught our four year old son (he was three at the time) how to ride a bike last fall. A real bike with no training wheels, a free wheel, and hand brakes. (they make the coolest stuff for kids these days) We took him on some paved trails and he did really well. He loves riding his bike and can you blame him! I also took him to the local mountain bike trails. We did lap after lap around the beginner trail, it was awesome. He told me that he loves riding his bike through the woods. So, a big part of my mileage goals will play out in the woods with my son and that's as good as it gets. I can't wait. (We rode down to the mail box yesterday. It was 20 degrees out, -6 Celsius. The kid is unstoppable.

I do have a few local trips that I'd like to make happen. One of them is to ride the Minnesota River valley out to Redwood Minnesota and camp for a night. The valley, from Mankato to Lake Traverse is a beautiful area of the state that doesn't see much traffic. When you think of Minnesota Paul Bunyan comes to mind, lakes and pine trees, maybe canoeing wilderness areas. While we do have all that, Minnesota is also home to the prairie. We have a state park with a bison heard, it's not Custer State Park but they're there.

Also, I really want to add attending a group ride or rally event to my list of goals. It's something I've never done and if I say it out loud, here, then maybe I'll make some time for it.

I've always had a deep rooted goal of making time for the important stuff but it's not always easy knowing just what that stuff is. It is clear to me that having some saddle time in my life makes me a better husband, a better father, and far easier to live with. So the motorcycles and mountain bikes are here to stay.

- Ride North


  1. That's really sweet. I think I see lots of father/son bicycle trips in your future. And you could take him along on your bike when he's a bit bigger. Trust me when I say MOMs love father/son weekends.

  2. The sound an empty house makes after your spouse takes the kids on an overnight adventure is a simple pleasure... Now I need to come up with something else for Feb 17th!

  3. It sounds to me like you know exactly what the important stuff is, Jason!

  4. Be careful, motorcycle fever usually starts at an early age on a bicycle (takes one to know one). This path can lead to a future of many miles out on the backroads, alone or with friends (and sometimes with your Pops). I'm sure your future daughter in-law will understand.

  5. Jr. North is excited to go mountain biking this weekend, temps are suppose to be in the 50s! And, I put the battery in the Triumph just in case.