Friday, February 3, 2017

Brave Bold Blogger Challenge 2017 - Feb 1, 2, and 3

Thank you for putting together another Brave Bold Blogger Challenge, 28 topics in 28 days! (my first) I will probably never write a novel in a month but a blog post a day is something I can tackle. I think my best is five in one month so here goes nothing!

Today is February third so I have some catching up to do.

Feb 1st - State you most hope to visit this year


I'm the child of a Democrat and a Republican. I work for an environmental agency at the state of Minnesota. My family is a Police Family (Milwaukee PD). We hunt. We fish. I feel that I'm in a position to be a bridge rather than a wall.

I by no means condone hate speech, and I view the discrimination of any group as an un-American act. While all men and women may have been created equal, we've never treated them equally; now our cards are on the table and we are no longer playing it close to the vest. I have faith that good things will come of this. Is it possible that regular Americans are more politically engaged than ever before? It seems that we have more eyes on the Trump administration than any previous president.

In communities founded on industry and mining the shut down of a factory or mine is devastating to the people. The time-honored formula for making a living and raising a family has been upended. In these communities, industry and mining fuel the service, consumer goods, and housing sectors. People are out of work, life savings are being lost, and your children are leaving the community and not coming back. It's in this stew of upheaval that the idea of "jobs above all else" is rooted. ("Polaris currently assembles both Indian and Victory bikes at its Spirit Lake plant, which will now double down on the Indian brand." - DesMoines Register)

With all the political division and hateful rhetoric being pedaled this year, my goal is to keep my mind and ears open and gain some perspective. Be the bridge.

So that and Iowa. I don't know what it is about Iowa but I love Iowa.

- Ride North


  1. Awesome! If only more of wanted to be bridges rather than build walls...

    Nice to find your blog courtesy of Toadmama :-) Lynne at curvyroads

  2. Thanks, I was worried about leading with politics but it's been all consuming lately. Good work over at Curvy Roads, I'm glad I found you all!

  3. Let hope the bridge-builders prevail and the world finds an alternative reality soon