Monday, June 2, 2014

Right on man.

Mom's at the gym; kid is clean, calm and in the crib; new issue in the inbox; cold stout in the fridge. It's time for a beer on the deck. The lovely Mrs.North calls this "nudey-magazine day," although I can't see why. I mostly just thumb through it, check out the new models and toss it in the study for later reference. On occasion I read the articles.

I got in a quick bicycle ride before bath time. Every now and then the Boy climbs into the bike trailer and demands a ride. The dad abides. We stopped at the neighbors to play with the big kids and go down the slide. After twenty minutes of that he was feeling the need for speed again. We managed the trip with only one additional stop, I was avoiding any routes that passed our city parks. A blue VW micro bus sang it's siren song and demanded that we stopped and pointed while saying "hippie!" Kids love hippies, right on.

After the brew break I managed to get the grass cut and the car washed. I'm shooting for a balance between "I'll sleep when I'm dead" and "far out man." So far that's working for me but both tasks were long overdue. 

The Yamaha sits on its charger for now, tomorrow's another day. No "drop off" or "pick up" for this dad on Tuesdays. You gotta get it while you can.

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