Monday, June 30, 2014

A bike show at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds

It was an excellent day for a bike show at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds.

The parking lot was a prelude to the show, put on by the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club and the Antique Motorcycle Club of America. Both clubs did a fantastic job presenting museum quality displays with bikes that ranged from well preserved survivors to absolute showpieces.

Some eye candy from the show and swap meet.

A late fifties XLH or XLCH

a TX or XS500 would have looked good in this lineup

this Enfield had a dual-range transmission

An early, Japan-only, Honda Dream. This bike was essentially a copy Zundapp, much was improved before Honda's deam came stateside.

Ultra light touring is nothing new. If you need me I'll be delivering the post to the English countryside.

Guzzis are are cool because a. Brando, b. Connery, c.CHiP, d. Dr. John. (I'll stop now)

This was my favotite bike of the show. The paint was amazing and every bit if it was restored to match.
the "Girl Meets Bike" bike and crew

made in St Paul, mn

An early 58 (I think) sportster parked in the swap meet area, copmplete with tent, duffle and a spare tire! At some point that cast primary cover was replaced with a stampped peice.
Swapmeet special

A Yamaha SRX.

Pop's CB550 made the trip. (I'll write a post on this bike someday)



  1. Lots of pretty, pretty bikes there! I wasn't aware this show was going on, though I'm not sure if I would have been able to make it or not.

    Great pics!

  2. Thanks for putting me on the Tour! I'd go back next year, all the bikes at the show were well presented, some shows just stack em in there.

    Party on Lucky.