Thursday, April 6, 2017

Good morning Saint Paul!

It's been a wile since the Yamaha has stretched its legs, maybe five months. It eagerly fired up this morning, ready for a foggy ride into work. It was a damp 38 degrees and the mist was dancing off Pickerel Lake in little wisps of fog. I stopped at the canoe launch to get a better look and take in this quiet little St Paul spot. There were geese honking from the far edge, wood ducks and mallards overhead, and a little muskrat hopped in after I got too close.

An all together excellent start to the day, made better by a hot cup of coffee as I sat down to work.

Riding season is back!

- Ride North

Time to take down the thin ice sign. 

I was greeted to a little extra smoke while the bike warmed up. 

A couple turns of the wrench on the crossover's clamp had it mostly taken care of. I can still get the muffler gaskets but the mufflers have been screwed onto the headers for almost 40 years and I'd rather not break that streak.


  1. Nice looking Yamaha.

    A chilly ride, but it looks like a beautiful morning.

    1. Thanks! I love these cold mornings but it helps that I don't have far to go.