Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Asking a lot and expecting too much

More than just the carrot at the end of a long slog, looking towards a ride for restoration and clarity. Please wipe the slate clean and let me proceed with a clear mind and sharp sense of reality brought forth from being thrust into a world of twist, go, wind, cold, cars, trucks, gravel, trees, lakes, and air. To move forward with the force of many cylinders. Without motion there is no stability. Without thrust there is no maneuvering. There is no motorcycle without forward motion. It can not stand on its own. It can not go backwards. A rolling stone is not a stone. It is proto-soil, in moving forth from the mountain it becomes life.

Focused and obsessive, transportation is allowed to compete with loved ones for our attention and affection. Resting on the idea that salvation is at gloved hand. The helmet is a bucket for our thoughts, intervening in the process of appreciating the sharp edges and soft earth of our worlds.

The complexities of life make us do silly things and think silly thoughts, all very real and imposing in their time. A moving body seeks to stay grounded. A grounded body longs to move.

Thus concludes our creative writing session for today. May the wind rise to meet you and bring with it balance and perspective.

- Ride North


  1. Thoughts to get you thinking for the day.

    How do you think your Yamaha would do on that roller coaster? Cue maniacal laugh.

  2. I think the old XS could handle it. There were some really good painted fun/mad house coasters that I couldn't get to without risking arrest.

    Sometimes I sit at the keyboard like Pooh Bear, thinking in the most thoughtful way. Think. Think. Think. Oh stuff'n fluff.