Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy New Year!

Crafting a story adds a new depth to the ride that could not have predicted. Often it's just a process of stringing together my poor grammar into paragraphs. (I've considered leaving the text out.) Many of these photos would not have happened had it not been for this blog. I would miss the stops not taken and the thoughts not thunk. Many morning commutes would be forgotten.

I'm very much looking forward to more of this in 2016. I can already taste the post-International Motorcycle Show beers and scotch eggs at Britt's Pub, a family tradition on it's seventh year.

An early spring ride, the first humidity of the year.
At the Kinnickinnic River walk in access near River Falls, WI

My first big ride with the little XS. Hwy 35, Lake Pepin, WI.

Early fall snow flakes enrich my morning commute.

The morning sun.

The Rooster rolls into St. Paul after completing the M2M run.

The Midway, St. Paul - Minneapolis 

University Ave, St. Paul , MN

Somewhere in central Minnesota.

Adding some touring ability.

Wildcat Mountain, WI

The St. Paul High Bridge on a dull November morning.

Someday I will take you to all these places too.

- Ride North

I'll have to get over my paparazzi phobia and more pictures of people.

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