Friday, February 19, 2016

Quick. Top five riding essentials.

I stumbled on a little blog challenge from Gary at Files In Your Teeth via Torbairitz.

Gary asks: "What are five things you cannot ride without?" I threw my must haves in the comments and thought a re-post was in order.

  1. For the bike: Tire repair kit with plugs and CO2 filler. Enough to get me to a gas station a shop.
  2. Wear: High-viz jacket. What can I say, I’m a convert. I notice an immediate difference when I wear my non-highlighter yellow mesh jacket. Not just occasionally, but every time is switch. (I ride mostly in city traffic) That and bicycle shorts, the padded spandex ones.
  3. Tech: My phone, more specifically I love GPS Essentials for Android. It’s an old-school GPS “simulator” and gives me all the control I want. I should note that I make maps for a living, yep you can get paid to do that. Post: Making maps with smart phones. 
  4. Essentials: Water. A Camelback type system works great and can be worn under or over your jacket depending on your flappy strap threshold.
  5. Luxury item: Cycle Shade, it keeps the dew off your seat in the morning so you don’t have to head out with a wet ass. 

- Ride North

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  1. Thanks for participating Jason. I am sure Gary appreciates all of the responses. Good idea on the hi-vis.