Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Good morning America.

How are you?

Good morning St Paul.

- Ride North


  1. Very nice morning views. I'd rather have it a little chilly and sunny right now rather than the 6 inches of rain we've received since last Thursday.

  2. Me too! We've seen constant rain this fall and some major flooding in places. I'm so thankful for this chilly but dry weather. I almost forgot how restorative an early morning ride could be, changes ones outlook.

  3. Jason, dry is good and it's about time. We had another 3" the other night and I'm starting to wonder if the rain gauge can possibly be right.

    Recent rides across the river have shown me way too many damaged roads and worse, bridges that are either closed or down to one lane. Amazing!

    Hope that you can sneak some more miles in yet this year. Coming on the Swan Ride??

  4. I was in Milwaukee this weekend, every field along 33 had standing water in it, but the winter wheat sure looked good!

    It's going to be an outstanding weekend for the Swan but I have family obligations this weekend. Next spring I need to do something bold like declare in writing all the rides and rallies I plan on attending. I didn't get in near the amount of riding that I'd like to, but the kid is getting older and I'm getting some of my time back. (I'm sitting at my desk wearing motorcycle boot as I write this. It was a beautiful, foggy November morning.)

    Looking forward to your year-end stats, looks like the stable grew a bit this year.