Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Good night Saint Paul

I got out for an old school summer evening bike ride last night. Flip-flops and a helmet, for safety. A casual cruise through the park.

Cottonwoods: kings of the river bottoms


I raced the Itasca downstream for a while. 

It's easy to overtake when your opponent is pushing a barge!

The final leg of the journey is to drag myself back up the Mississippi River valley wall, but the view makes it all worth it. 

- Ride North


  1. Good of you for getting out on pedal power. Just the sight of the cottonwoods make me want to sneeze.

  2. Thanks. My neighbor invited me on a mountain biking weekend in July so it's time to do some last minute training. (the only kind that I'm aware of)
    The cottonwood seeds were piled up like snow drifts last week, in a couple weeks it will be the may flies. Probably best to stay away. But I promise it's gorgeous in the fall!