Monday, July 10, 2017

A new toy that goes click

The dust lay thick on the DSLR, a chunky lump of precision equipment, loved but untended. There's just no way to wedge it into a jacket pocket, and the phone camera just isn't cutting it. Thankfully the world of point-and-shoot photography has evolved since the last time I set foot in a camera store.

I used my go-to opening line, "I need a cheap <whatever> that does what I want." To which I received the equally standard, "we have that but cheap is relative." Ultimately I settled on the camera with the least features and the biggest sensor that still fits in my pocket. A Sony RX100. It has some dials and settings, no touch screen, a really nice lens, wide F1.8 aperture, and a big honking 1 inch sensor.

Caution: you may notice an improvement in the image quality if not content and composition. Here are the obligatory test shots. So far I'm happy but it's more involved that "set it to the green A and start clicking." Time to get back in the image making game!

Jr. North got in on the excitement too

- Ride North


  1. Nice pictures. A new camera is always fun.

    I worked in a camera shop right out of high school in the 80's. A lot has changed since the days of 35mm and 110 and 120 film. Now I just carry around a little Canon point and shoot since it fits in the riding jacket pocket and my tiny purse.

  2. I once had the opportunity to work with 4x5 cameras. I now have strong opinions about image quality and portability. :)