Saturday, October 7, 2017

Riding in the rain

I've got who, what, where, and why locked up but when is a cruel mistress. Sometimes you just need to get out for an hour or two. Actually, I love riding in the rain. I like how it smells. Anyone can walk outside on a sunny day and see a blue sky but when the clouds roll in things get interesting.

Camper cabins available for rent through Dakota County Parks.

For the majority of the ride it was just a gentle rain and some spectacular clouds. I did get caught out in a downpour on the way back but it wasn't too bad. It’s all just an elaborate ruse to make the coffee taste better.

carpe diem!

- Ride North


  1. Hey Jason, I'm really curious about those camper cabins and will be taking a look.

    I've been avoiding rain on my last rides but enjoy the rain...if it isn't too cold. Hopefully we'll get some more mostly dry riding yet this season.

    1. Sunday was beautiful, hope you got out. Those cabins are at Whitetail Woods Park, just south of UMORE. They're perfect for an overnight adventure or maybe some winter camping (if you're into that sort of thing)

  2. Those camper cabins do look pretty cool. Nothing that fancy around here, although you can rent a yurt or conestoga wagon.

    It looks like a chilly day for a ride, but I can see how the rain would make the coffee taste better.

    1. I'd imagine that sleeping in a wagon would have the same effect on the coffee. Pass the beans!