Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Time for goals, decisions, plans.

Looking of opportunities. Setting goals.

Evening rides 
5:00 – 9:00 when sun is out until 8 or so. Head out from work. Stop for dinner. 4 hours on the bike is a real win. Maybe I should see how far I can get in two hours, north, south, east, and west. Now there's  a goal! Get out, unwind. Explore. Decompress. Reset and be ready for the weekend. Take “me time” so I’m ready for all the “not me time”.

Limited weekend excursions.

Time with Dad, Russ, Todd. Time alone/ away to reflect, get perspective, regroup. Opportunity to explore. Need to do some planning for the spring ride, the group is itching to go new places, and see new things. Also, a weekend ride to the kettles is doable and works well with schedules.

Just a great way to start the day. Stay connected to the outside world/ seasons/ elements/ weather. Practice. Practice. Practice. Keep my skills sharp/ head in the game. I think it’s more dangerous to be an occasional rider, always fighting through the rust, never improving.

Parking lot drills. Find a lot, get to work.
Training, MSF refresher/ expert. Dakota Tech classes.
Get out and do this.

Test runs.
Fix, make adjustments and do some testing. With the new FI bike I should have less of this but, it has been a big part of my riding. Like trying to figure out my fuel issue that only happens on hot days w/ steady throttle and a ¼ tank. Had to put in the wrenching hours and test miles for that one! (It’s hard to be me)

Buying and selling. Urgh.
Almost as bad as a mechanical issue that you can’t pin down. I just don’t enjoy the transition. I prefer to know a bike really well and focus on the other aspects of riding, like road strategy and planning adventures. I’ll be doing some selling in the spring. Hopefully it will be quick and I can move on.

Physical health
Bicycle commuting and hitting the gym. I sit at a desk most days and it's just not a healthy thing to do. One of the biggest factors in my mental and physical health is setting aside some time to put in some real physical effort several times a week. It just changes you outlook on the world. Cary over goal form last winter: cycle to work 2x per week. (Yes, I said winter.)

Just a quick brainstorm of possibilities, goals maybe. The core of my goals are to stay sharp on the bike and to stay (get really) fit off the bike. To be present and prepared.

- Ride North

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