Thursday, June 10, 2021

the Cuyuna Range

In late May, the Ride North crew joined two other families for some mountain biking at the Cuyuna Country State Recreation area. Experienced and new mountain bikers, both young and old, put tires to the red dirt. It was a good group, everyone got on well and we all agreed that we should do it again.

For some reason, I don't have a ton to say about the trip. It was fantastic, memories were made, calories were burned, the good vibes were felt, and I'm sure we'll be telling tales about the trip for a long time to come. If you ever see me, ask about Cuyuna and strap in because I have stories. For now, the photos can be the documentation.

This is my loon picture.

Riding through the woods surrounded by birch and water.

Crystal clear mine pit lakes.

Horse tails and strawberries.

Marsh milkweed, I think.

Stream side.

A storm front rolled through on Saturday night.
We stood under a tree next to our fire and watched it pass.

Endless views from the top of the tailings pile.

I saw three Loons swim under this bridge on three separate occasions.

The Ride North Crew

ice cream stop

Cuyler Adams is the guy with the hat, 
Una is the name of the dog.

Taking in a little military history

Cooling off in the lake after a ride.

Trail stop.

An unplanned trail stop. Jr. was proud of his bail and 
told everyone how he almost flew off a clif, which is true.
I'm standing on top of a 12 foot high jump.

One last walk in the lake before heading home on Monday.

The Cuyuna Range is located in central Minnesota,
about a 2 hour drive from Saint Paul.

- Ride North

May 28th - 31st | 60's and sunny | 7 bike rides with family and friends

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