Thursday, September 23, 2021

Commuting 2021!

 I really missed commuting into work this last year; the lack of seat time had a noticeable effect on my motorcycle skills. Thankfully, our office opened back up in July. Motorcycle parking there is free and I'm cheap, so I've been commuting on the Guzzi rain or shine. 

All alone at a mostly empty office.

A quick stop on my way home to admire the wildfire smoke.

I upgraded the soft bags to waterproof, lockable Givi bags.

The bags required the removal of the grab rail, so
I home brewed up some washers to retain the shocks until
I could order the stock parts from Leo's South.

It feels good to be on the bike again.

The V7 has been a wonderfull commuter and all around work truck.

- Ride North

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