Wednesday, February 14, 2024

A Wabasha overnight

It's Friday afternoon. My work is done and the bike is loaded up for a short overnight camping trip. As 4:30 quickly becomes 5:30, the rain goes from bad to worse. It would pass eventually but waiting would mean getting into camp after dark. It was time to suit up and go. I do love the challenge of riding in the rain and the reward of chasing the remnants of those big July thunderheads. There was never a question about going and I'm glad I did.

Lake Pepin

My destination was a state forest campground just west of Wabasha. Getting there Friday night would give me all day Saturday to putt around the western Wisconsin countryside, and I had a new tent that needed a test drive. I've been working on my camping kit since having so much fun out west this past spring and in northern Wisconsin last year. 

The campground has pit toilets and a shallow well with a hand pump, not much else. The sites are reasonably spread out and were about 10% occupied. First come, first served. A handful of trails along the wooded bluff would provide some entertainment on a cool fall day but the steamy summer night brought out the bugs. I opted to hang out at the canoe landing for a bit and then retreat to my tent for a book and a scotch. 

Storms move out as the sun sets behind me. 

a campsite on the bluff

After breaking camp in the morning, I crossed back over the river bottoms and found some fun roads to explore just east of the Chippewa River valley. I loved being out there in the morning with all the roads to myself. Linstrom Valley road was particularly beautiful, hugging the western valley wall with the sun up high in the eastern sky.

Arkansaw, WI

It was a productive 24 hours spent out and about in the world with just myself to talk to. These small county roads are heaven on the  little Guzzi. Both Zen and art were nearby at times. 

- Ride North

Friday July 28th - 29th | afternoon storms followed by sunshine 

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