Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I've called it many things over the years.

I guess I'm feeling the need for a fast bike on the open road, and time. Lots of time with no commitments.

In a former life I rode a Moto Guzzi.

That sounds a little too passive, there's nothing passive about riding and maintaining a V11 sport with Italian aftermarket exhaust. The dealer knew what he was doing when he let me take it for a test ride, I wrote the check the second I got back.

I'm not one to name my bikes although I've called it many things over the years. Mostly it's known to my friends and I as the Goose, freaking awesome, or purdy. Much post-ride time has been dedicated to staring at it and grinning. In my seven years of ownership and 40k miles it has never left me stranded, although it pays to be a problem solver.


more curves (Wabasha, MN)

the annual Wisconsin Dells spring ride

Marathon, Ontario


new clutch time!

spring in Minnesota: 50 and sunny with 2 feet of snow

Finland... Minnesota

A snowmobile trail in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
out with the new, in with the old

There must be some magic location, time and displacement triangle. Keeping these things in harmony has helped me get the most out of my riding. In 2012, my time was getting shorter and my location more metropolitan. The Guzzi's love of the open road was upsetting the balance.

I've never regretted my decision buy this quirky Italian motorcycle or my decision to downsize.

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