Monday, August 11, 2014

Notes on trout fishing from a motorcycle

Trout fishing from the motorcycle can be a bit tricky, but it can be done; you'l miss your net and waders. (you're riding AND fishing, quit complaining) Location becomes much more important because you'll be fishing from shore or wet wading. It's best to choose a meadow stream with an easement. On bright sunny days with clear water it's best to just go for a motorcycle ride, and fish in the evening.

Plan on having a shore lunch as it's near impossible to transport fish on the bike. (A picture of a kid on a ten-speed with a grocery bag hanging from the handlebar comes to mind.) Dressed fish could be wrapped up in plastic and put into a soft, water tight cooler.

you'll see some roads like this

and some like this 

Sunny afternoons are best for riding

But there are fish to be had

easy access is key

fish on!

Part of the fun is trying to put all the pieces together. 

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