Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Doldrums

From the people’s encyclopedia: “The word is derived from dold (an archaic term meaning "stupid") and -rum(s), a noun suffix found in such words as tantrum.” Yep that seems about right.  A low pressure zone caused by the centrifugal force from the rotational movement of the Earth.” Thus you are invited to relinquish responsibility for you own personal doldrums.  The world turns, as they say.

Fisherman know the doldrums of summer well. Signs can be seen in my blog roll, although some folks continue to crank out excellent shorts well into August. For me, it’s a combination of an intense desire to strap a bedroll to the sissy bar and bomb around the south shore for a week and the knowledge that the really good weather is just around the corner.

I recently put in a 28% effort, two sevenths, agitation for an ailment that simply requires time. But man it felt good. From the cities, I took back roads up to Lake Mille lacs to spend a weekend fishing and drinking with the boys.

My wife stepped it up and took kid duty for the weekend, something we try to do for each other. Our battle cry is “we’re a team!” Which can be loosely translated into “ I thought we were a team damit” or on occasion “ F it, you deal with this mess.” But, more often than not, we've got each other’s backs. Five years this week and we still know how to have fun. (In two weeks we’ll be taking that south shore trip, more on that later.)

ready to roll

thanks be to Google 

Highway 47 out of Anoka is a great ride up to Saint Francis. From there my goal was to work my way over to Princeton and follow the Rum river north to Mille Lacs. The ride around the big lake is also excellent if you can catch it when traffic is light.

from Anoka to I-94
If you're not in a hurry, West River Road will get you from Anoka to I-94, avoiding the battle field that is highway 10. The road is really a series of roads that makeup a section of the Great River Road. Follow the Great River Road signs and you'll stay on track. The Coon Rapids dam on the Mississippi River is a good spot to stretch your legs. If you bring a stout fishing rod and a can of corn (and lunch and a book), there are some big carp to be had below the dam.

Mille Lacs WMA/ Rum River State Forest.

state highway 19/100th Ave  runs along the west side of  the Rum River State Forest to Isle 

nothing better than cold beer and bare feet after riding all morning

Fisherman's Wharf (the view from the bar)

We rented a pontoon and managed to boat a fish or two but for the most part the doldrums lived up to their namesake. Some of our time on the water was dedicated to wearing a life jacket like a diaper and bobbing around in the big pond. (I assure you this is a tradition in Minnesota.)

One more shot of the big lake before we part ways. 

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