Monday, February 2, 2015

Challenge accepted.

A came across SonjaM’s moto-blog challenge via a post on Redleg’s Rides. Count me in. 
I've got barn pictures and bike pictures but surprisingly few bike and barn pictures.
I think we were lost in this picture
I've got bridges covered but not covered bridges. (Raspberry Island, St Paul, Minnesota)
Flying objects.
Me too Sonja, me too.

Ride North

Roosters Rules of the Road -
Objects in your mirrors are larger than they appear except for your elbows which are smaller than they appear.


  1. Well done, Jason. Thank you for being game. The flying object is to remain unidentified and will likely end up as an X-File. BTW I just love your vintage Yamaha. Looks like a well maintained bike.

    1. Thanks! Nothing like a challenge to break a blogging slump.

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  2. Jason,
    I was in the same boat....I'm almost ashamed to admit how much time I spent yesterday looking through photos to find a barn AND a bike. Surprised at myself for remembering so many barn photos but when revisited, not a motorcycle to be seen in the same image. It really did come down to only 2 and it wasn't easy deciding which one was marginally better.

  3. I considered photoshop but then I remembered that time I saw a UFO. :)