Wednesday, February 18, 2015

St Paul, Minnesota in February

It's a windy -5 f (-20 c) in St Paul today as the arctic air descends on the Midwest. The windchill this morning was -25 f (-31 c). I'd write more but I can't feel my fingers.

February 18th 2015

Keeping busy in the winter requires some creativity.
I'll be having fresh crappie tonight.

The St Paul skyline on a cold morning.

The high bridge. 

In the warmer months the Johnathan Padelford will
take you on a dinner cruise on the Mississippi.

the winter sky

North bound oil trains are carrying some extra cargo these days.
Bombing some runs with the family.

Surly's new "destination brewery"

Taps, tables and food. What more could you want?

The view from my home brewery is equally entertaining.

- Ride North


  1. A smile is all I've got Jason, that should be enough......hopefully nothing will crack and break by doing so. :)

    Are the tracks and the bridge in the distance Warner Road??

  2. It's best not to smile when it's this cold, I'll send a knowing nod your way.
    The tracks are from Lafayette Road. That outer track has a bunch of branches but the main line goes up through Fargo to Minot. The picture of the High Bridge was taken from the bluff above Warner and the buildings and riverfront pictures are from Harriet Island. And that's my commute, with a few detours.

    Don't worry about me, we know how to have fun when it's 10 below. Someday it will warm up a bit so I can get started on my spring maintenance, but I not in a hurry.