Monday, June 8, 2015

Support your local bike shop!

Being a former Moto Guzzi owner, I have had many excellent experiences with one of Lakeville Minnesota's finest, Leo's South. They take excellent care of their customers. One time, they even saved a cracked transmission housing. Me: "I have a problem..." the Service manager: "we've got a guy who can weld that, I've seen him weld a BMW transmission housing that was cracked in half." That bike had a ton of miles on it when I sold it and it shifted better than ever.

Now that my tire sizes are measured in archaic English units, I decided is was time to see someone who specializes in these unique measurements. Go Moto in Minneapolis had a more modern tire (measured in mm) that worked great with my XS500. The price was very reasonable and turn around was quick. I will be a repeat customer. 

To borrow a phrase from the bicycle scene: Support your LBS!

- Ride north

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