Friday, July 31, 2020


Coop's ride out west inspired me to spend an evening out in farm country. I didn't stop for the scenic vista shots but they were there. I did conclude my wandering at the Cannon River Wilderness Area where I found a nice trail down to the river. 

I presume it went down to the river. I only made it so far before the mosquitoes carried me away. I arrived at the trail head as the sun was just touching the tree tops. As all Minnesotans know, this is when the big guys come out to get you. 

The trail was maintained well enough.  The land looks to be recovering from a big blow-down or tornado, big trees snapped off at about 30 feet up. There's a decent set of steps leading down to a boardwalk that spits you out onto the river's flood plain. The stinging nettles are thick down there but not a problem as the trail was clear.

touch-me-nots / jewel weed

A nice big parking lot at the Cannon River Wilderness area.

 I would have liked to see the river. Next time maybe.

The route, more or less.

The gently rolling roads of the Cannon River valley.
Nerstrand Big Woods St Park has nice hiking and a waterfall.

I stopped in Lakeville on my way through 
and picked up some farkle.

- Ride North

7/28/2020 | 120ish miles | 6:00 - 9:45 PM


  1. I've never stopped but go past often; it's my normal way of heading south or southwest from Frontenac. Bellechester, Goodhue, Dennison, Cannon City, Faribault, I-35...or 60 to Worthington.

    Heartbreaking what that windstorm did to those trees, a storm I was sure would hit us but stayed on the north edge of downtown Red Wing, leaving their trees looking like those around Dundas.

    I'll very likely be in NE on Saturday.

  2. Saturday morning coffee then? I was pleasantly off-line last Saturday. I may have to grab a beverage this week.