Monday, November 30, 2020

Fall in the North


Mississippi River, August 28th, 66f/81f

Pickerel Lake, September 8th, 46f/54f

Prairie transition, September 16th, 61f/ 70f

Little Blue Stem, September 16th, 61f/ 70f

Biking, September 16th, 61f/70f

Mississippi River at the Ford Dam, September 22nd, 57f/82f

University of St Thomas, September 22nd, 57f/82f

Shepard Road, September 22nd, 57f/82f

Mississippi River Bluff, September 22nd, 57f/82f

Snake River, September 26th, 61f/72f misty rain

Cherokee Park, September 30th, 48f/63f

Ironton Minn. October 15, 25f/39f

Sagamore Mine lake, October 16th, 25f/36f snowed all morning

Snowmobile trail in Ironton, October 16th, 25f/36f

Huntington Mine lake, October 17th, 23f/36f

Mississippi River bluff, November 5th,  39f/66f

Gun Club Lake outlet, November 11th,  21f/37f

Minnesota River November 11th,  21f/37f

Minnesota River November 28th, 26f/52f

Three months of beautiful, cool-weather riding in Minnesota this year. Most of my riding hours were with family on our local mountian bike trails. Mrs. North, Jr., and I took every oppertunity to get out and explore the woods on bikes and on foot, fueling the love of exploration in all three of us. This year I am most thankfull for all the time we got to spend together. While it wasn't always easy, we made the most of it.  

Happy Thankgiving!

- RideNorth

fall | 2020 | sunny with a chance of snow

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