Saturday, December 12, 2020

Checking out new and old trails

Went out for a cool, early December bike ride to check out the new bike trail that connects Lilydale park to the highway 52 bridge and great river bike paths. It's amazing. The 52 bridge takes me into the east side of downtown and a large network of bike trails in Mounds Park and the Phalen neighborhoods. (and from there out to Stillwater MN) Brand new trail continues east from 52 along the airport and breaks through the woods, connecting to the Great River Trail.  

New bike path along the once busy Plato Blvd. 
(the red section)

Lafayette avenue bridge/ highway 52

Dayton's Bluff
There's an eagle on the roof in the foreground.

Saint Paul

Swinging bridge at Kaposia Landing, Mississippi River

 Kaposia Landing - once a Dakota village 

"They called the general area Imniza-Ska or white cliffs 
referring to the towering sandstone bluffs." - Historic Saint Paul

Building a cenrer to honor the "Dwelling Place of the Sacred" - Wakáŋ Tipi Center

- RideNorth

December 6th | 44f | an hour or two, wasn't really counting

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