Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Motorcycles at the State Fair Grounds

Another AMCA/VJMC motorcycle show in the books. Many thanks to the hard working folks who make this happen, eight bucks is a heck of a deal! I even had money left over for a Go Moto tee shirt. It smells like the shop, I may never wash it!

I had a little time to myself between breakfast and lunch so I fired up the XS and headed over to the State Fair grounds to see what the keepers-of-cycles have been up to all winter. The Yamaha sat for two weeks but fired right up due to its new battery. I'm on the second battery and second set of tires since acquiring it on 2012. Not bad.

22k miles With original Minnesota plate. 
(and a stack of registration stickers)

I snapped photos of whatever caught my eye. 
The Yamaha "Super Single" SRX-6

Why have an EX500 when you can have a 500cc V4?
This would be a fun little ripper, it's significantly smaller than the 750. 
This is on my wish list. (or a Seca 550, which ever comes first)

A 1973 TX500 front and center! 
My 1978 was the last year of this bike, improvements were made.

The bell of the ball a Honda CB750

I was surprised to see how much longer the bikes got compared to the earlier models. 
The earlier CBs seemed more British in their proportions. 
Also, that primitive front brake caliper hung on for longer than I'd expect. 

I'm drawn to the tuning fork. 

And early Sportsters. 

A 350 Continental GT from jolly olde England.

Purdy in white.

Another Enfield. This time a 750.

They come in green.
they come in blue.
I like them all.
You bet I do.

Italian. Gee-laira. Belllissima.

Some antiques.

Yep. Old Sportsters.

After taking in the show, the XS and I went for a leisurely ride down East River Road and found our way back to West St Paul. It's good work if you can get it.

Happy Dad's day to all the parents out there!

- Ride North

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