Thursday, April 28, 2022

Eleven Mile Canyon, Colorado

Last September my father-in-law and I packed out bags full of camping gear and flew out to Colorado for a few days of fishing in the eleven-mile canyon area. I haven't spent much time in the Denver area before our Red Rocks trip earlier in the year. I was keen to explore the area just south west of the metro.

Driving through the mountains on our way to Woodland Park.

We turned west towards the hills at Sedalia. 
Once we gained a little elevation, the road quickly narrowed and turned to gravel.

The South Platte was waiting for us on the other side of the pass.

What a beautiful river.

Standing in the South Platte for the first time.

67 north of Woodland Park

From there we turned west to Lake George where we would be camping in Eleven Mile Canyon. I booked us a spot at the first campground from the entrance. There's not a ton of flat ground but the spot is beautiful. (trailer camping is also available)

The river at our campground was amazing.

Eleven Mile is, by far, the most beautiful place I've ever fished.
Because we were camping there, we could head out after dinner and fish until dark.

Deer visited the campground every morning.

Home sweet home, almost enough room for two.

We did catch fish in Eleven Mile but it full of anglers. I hooked into a really big one (by Minnesota standards) on the first night. I was able to watch it move out of its cover and gobble up my fly but after a few good tugs, it was off. In the Canyon, we found good fishing in the pools behind boulders. They weren't the prime spots but I bet they saw fewer fishermen.

Fish came out of here.


The fly-and-camp trip was a huge success. My new backpacking air mattress made sleeping on the ground pleasant and a small stove meant we could cook our dinners without starting a fire. (important in the dry and windy west) Flights from MSP to Denver are cheap, our biggest expense was the rental car. We did have to stay in Denver one night so we could catch a 6AM flight the next day but the shower was appreciated by all.

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September 9th - 12th | 60's | sunny

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