Saturday, April 23, 2022

Minnesota trout fishing

Spring was not is the air this week but it was here none the less. Minnesota's torut fishing season opend up the day before Easter signaling the official start of the saeson. Every year my father-in-law and his buddies spend the week after opener in southe east Minnesota. I try to join them when I can.

I had dreams of taking the motorcycle down there this year but high winds, rain, and cold tempratures ment it would stay safley tucked in at home. We had high tempreatures in the 30s but the sun came out to visit us on Tuesday. Despite recent rain, streams were low and mostly clear. 

Easter Sunday (evening) saw some fish to hand.

Monday was cold and rainy, not a lot of green polking up on the river banks but the birds were in full swing. I probably spent half my time looking at the king birds instead of fishing. I caught more than one fish while distracted by birds. 

Not much bug avtivity which ment the fish were hungry.

Lots of cattle on the landscape.
On most farms, new-born calfs we bounding by their mothers.

Big fish on Monday, almost all were put right back into the stream.
I did have fresh grilled trout for dinner last night.

The Shack in Pilot Mound.

When you fish with the guys, you eat well.
A goose (Canadian) pastrimi ruben for lunch, ribeye for dinner.

Tuesday the sun came out and warmmed us up, the only sunshine all week.
I had to head home that afternoon, lucky me.

The spots were really good.

Big fish of the trip, quickly returned to the water. 

The Driftelss landscape is still amazing and the roads are in good shape too. I sould be out on the Guzzi really soon! It may not seem like it but, spring is here.

- Ride North

April 117th - 18th |  30f-40f |cold and windy (with some well needed sun on Tuesday)

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