Thursday, April 28, 2022

Fishing the Dream Stream

In the arid plains between the mountains is a stream that connects two reservoirs. A dream stream, The Dream Stream. We hired a guide from the Tumbling Trout in Lake George to take us there and show us the ropes. It was my first time fishing in the mountain west and I learned a ton from Tad. In September, the hopper-dropper was the hot rig. Or so we were told. The Dream Stream is by no means a secret.

A hot-air balloon drifts across the landscape.

I love visiting new biomes so removed from my Upper Midwest experience. We saw prong horned sheep and mule deer everywhere. It was amazing how flat and open is could be in the middle of a mountain range. 

These bison got out of their pasture and were being chased by a cowboy in a Jeep. They're a lot closer to us than they look. He did get them rounded up and back with the herd in short order.

The Dream Stream is really just an engineered stretch of river that starts at the Spinney Mountain Reservoir.

Every bend of the stream is filled with cold, nutrient rich water that grows huge trout. 
The ripples in this picture are the backs of trout.

The spillway.

Tad, our guide made us a delicious lunch and we spent the afternoon fishing the reservoir. We never did catch fish. They were either keyed in on some super specific bug or busy spawning. It's not unusual to run into fish that just won't eat and on this highly pressured water I bet it happens more often than not.

The whole environment was just so foreign to me that I loved every second of it, 
even if the fish weren't biting.

Water in an otherwise arid land.

The folks at Tumbling Trout were great and worked hard to get us on fish. Tad was a fantastic guide, very knowledgeable and a fun guy to hang out with for the day.
- Ride North

September 10th 2021

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